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From the finest beachfront condos to luxurious villas, there’s no denying that Maui has some of the most beautiful real estate properties in Hawaii. But instead of getting confused and drowning in the sea of choices for Maui real estate listings, why not consider buying a piece of land to build your dream home?

A lot of homeowners spend their time and money searching for the perfect home that meets their needs and wants. However, existing homes in the market often fail to meet everything on their wishlists. Finding vacant land in an excellent neighborhood and building a new home ensures you get exactly what you need. If you want to live in a great community with the perfect lot in Maui, we’ve got just the place for private and luxurious living.

Vacant Land for Sale at Wailea Golf Vistas

Whether you’re looking for mesmerizing sceneries or exciting adventures, Maui provides a little bit of everything that the Aloha State has to offer. Because of this, the island’s population has grown over the past years. More and more people are now flocking to Maui for vacation and retirement. Despite that, there are still several neighborhoods on the island that offer a piece of serenity.

One of these is the highly-coveted Wailea Golf Vistas. If you’re craving to leave the hustle and bustle of city life and live in peace and privacy, this sanctuary is opening its arms for you. Situated above the Fairmont Kea Lani Resort is the gated residential community of Wailea Golf Vistas. With a secluded entrance located on the first left into the gate after driving to Kaukahi Road, this neighborhood offers residents the ultimate privacy, exclusivity, and elegance.

Since the picturesque Wailea Blue Golf Course surrounds it, residents witness a 360-degree view of the mesmerizing landscape and manicured grounds. But that is not everything this prestigious community offers its residents. With 17 acres of land, the Wailea Golf Vistas features 48 unique home lots with sizes ranging from approximately 10,000 to about 18,000 square feet.

A Private and Luxurious Community for Your Dream Home

Although Wailea Golf Vistas offer several fully-furnished luxurious homes for sale, this highly-coveted neighborhood also has some available Wailea vacant lots for sale. If any of those well-designed pre-built homes don’t feel like they’re the one, consider Wailea Golf Vistas Land as the perfect opportunity to make your dream home a reality. In this prestigious neighborhood, you will find vacant lots with expansive space perfect for well-manicured landscapes and grand homes.

Try to think of it as a blank canvas where you can build the place you’ve always envisioned. You can easily tailor this piece of land and make it your private tropical paradise. Just imagine stepping out of your spacious outdoor patio to look at the majestic land and seascapes that are only a short walk from you.

Perhaps you plan on working with a renowned architect to create the most breathtaking tropical home so you can experience Hawaii’s charm without stepping foot off your grand abode. Regardless of your plan for your real estate property, Wailea Golf Vistas Land allows you to unleash your creativity and customize your new home to your heart’s desire.

Perks of living at Wailea Golf Vistas

Unlike other Wailea residential neighborhoods, this Wailea Land ensures its residents get to enjoy privacy and luxury during their entire stay. Aside from the exclusivity and privacy it offers, this highly-coveted community also boasts of its prime location. Wailea Golf Vistas sits on top of the hill near Kea Lani and is only a walking distance from the white sandy shoreline.

That means the vacant lands and homes in Wailea Golf Vistas offer its fortunate owners panoramic views of the sparkling ocean and a glimpse of the neighboring islands. With the popular Wailea Blue Golf Course surrounding the neighborhood, residents also get to enjoy its stunning fairways. No matter where you look, you will be greeted by tropical sceneries.

If the panoramic views are not enough reason to convince you to live in Wailea Golf Vistas, access to all of Wailea Resort’s amenities might. Residents in this exclusive community get to enjoy Wailea Golf membership privileges, a spacious pool, an elevated spa, and more. Since it is part of the Wailea Resort area, residents have easy access to the white sandy beaches, fine dining, shopping, and spas.

While living in this prestigious neighborhood is a tropical paradise on its own, the surrounding area is full of prime spots you shouldn’t miss. Whether you want to tee off on the famous Wailea Blue Golf Course, soak in the warm Hawaiian sun, or try some local island treats, you won’t run out of things to do. Buying a vacant lot and building a home at Wailea Golf Vistas will not only be a great investment but also a wonderful experience.

Why you should invest in Wailea Golf Vistas Land

Buying a piece of land and building your dream home is more expensive than purchasing a pre-built home. That’s why investing in Wailea Golf Vistas Land is not something you should do without careful considerations. However, the spacious vacant lot at Wailea Golf Vistas might be the missing piece to your dream home.

There are plenty of reasons why investing in this real estate property is a great idea. For one, the vacant lot is massive enough for you to build a tropical Maui mansion. It feels larger than life, allowing you to create spacious outdoor and indoor areas. Since it’s an exclusive community, you can bask in your tropical paradise and enjoy peace and luxury. With this neighborhood located in the southern part of Maui, there are also plenty of breathtaking places for you to visit and explore.   

Secure the perfect Wailea Golf Vistas Land to build your dream home

Given its prime location in a highly-coveted neighborhood, vacant lands in Wailea Golf Estate Vistas are rare. It’s best to secure a lot immediately if you’re planning on moving to Maui and building your own dream home. We understand how confusing and troublesome the journey of real estate ownership is. That’s why our professional team of realtors at Wailea Realty are always ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect lot for your Hawaii home.

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