Wailea Fairway Villas

Wailea is an incredible South Maui community that offers a lifestyle only a few in the world get to experience. Home to beautiful beachfront properties, Wailea is what people picture when looking for retirement homes, vacation, or simply a place where they can relax away from the bustling city life.

Waking up to the sound of waves, golfing in the morning, enjoying sunbath by the pool, watching the spectacular sunset view, and falling asleep in peace. All this sounds like a fantasy to many, but it is a reality for the Wailea residents or visitors. If you plan to invest in Maui’s luxury beachfront properties, Wailea Fairway Villas awaits you!

A Glimpse Of Wailea Fairway Villas Condominiums

Wailea Fairway Villas presents some of the most famed real estate properties in Maui. The unmatched lifestyle is what gives Wailea its value. Also, there is only a handful of places in the world where one can comfortably live, enjoy nature, sunbathe, scuba, or surf throughout the year. Maui is one of them. Wailea Fairway Villas, surrounded by beautiful beaches, adds more value to this world-class place.

Wailea Villas real estate listings include spacious, open, and luxurious condominiums that are perfect for a family. These wide spaces reflect Hawaiian architecture, providing the residents or visitors with a relaxing, comfortable place to call home.

Wailea Fairway Villas has condos units for sales with prices between $729,000 and $799,000, and spread over 12.37 acres. Each of the units is unique, share proximity to beaches, restaurants, golf courses, along with several recreation spots. Where homeowners pay millions of dollars to purchase a convenient beachfront property, you can own the same luxury at Wailea Fairway Villas for a fraction of the price. So, you never go wrong in choosing a condo in the Wailea neighborhood.

These ground-level condos surrounded by well-manicured gardens feature 2 bedrooms /bathrooms, a large versatile kitchen, expansive pool, fitness area, party room, and all the latest amenities you want. All the recent upgrades, including tile flooring, AC system, LED lighting, granite countertops in the kitchen, household appliances, and double-paned windows, are there to make your living as comfortable as possible. All these units conveniently stand on the ground, ensuring each property has panoramic ocean views. You can enjoy the sunset sitting in your living room too.

If you want to host a get-together or a family party, there is a barbecue area. You can cook and enjoy your favorite dish amidst the captivating natural scenery and atmosphere. No matter which condo you are in, you will definitely enjoy a hint of the stunning ocean and island view. The best thing is, you won’t have to climb stairs!

With easy access, the residents can enjoy exclusive shopping at Wailea shopping centers, dine out in the restaurants, and explore numerous outdoor activities. The properties also offer quick access to Wailea golf courses so that you can enjoy unparalleled views.

Come To See These Beautiful Condos Yourself

Wailea Fairway Villas property listings are more than just a home. The comfort of this property, which is equipped with all the amenities, will give you an out-of-the-world feeling. Just imagine sitting in a pavilion sipping coffee and enjoying the serenity of the ocean, lush green landscape, and peaceful horizon. Once you come here and settle, you will find it hard to leave. Owning a property there is like experiencing something most people only dream of.

Thus, if you are interested in buying the Wailea Fairway condo, get in touch with us. We would love to answer your queries and help you own a villa in this luxury neighborhood of Wailea.

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