Unique Home in Kula, Maui: Dancing Rock


Follow the winding driveway up to the top of the hill where you arrive at a grand home sitting on 19.3 gorgeous acres in Kula, Maui, Hawaii. This home is situated at the 4000 ft elevation on Haleakala. The view of the island below is breathtaking!

The home is built with totally green materials. It is a loft with the live/work concept built into its creation. The architect is Bart Prince who is known for building in harmony with the surrounding landscape. He designed this space for multimedia artists in 1991. The home is secluded with deep gulches bordering both sides of the land and ranch land to the rear.  Soaring 30 feet in the air with 4000 sq ft of area under roof, there is a lot to work with here. The walls are designed to disappear from camera and there are catwalks where spot lights can be set up to light the areas of the room or the stage.

There is nothing but trees and terraced land in the view down to the ocean blues and greens of the valley below. The peaks of the West Maui Mountains sit on the far side of the valley. The elevation is such that the temperature during the day usually reaches 70 degrees which warms the house. Nighttime temperatures drop to a cool 40 to 60 degrees. This is the most temperate climate on Maui.  


The floors are 3000 sq ft of heated, pressed Danish beech which is sealed with Rubio Moncoat and floats on foam with spring clips.  The space is an equilateral triangle with 80 foot sides designed so a camera lens on the second floor set at the point of triangulation encompasses a proscenium view to a stage area backed by 18 foot translucent doors which slide wide open to Haleakala behind. The space is the consummate living/creative space for dance, film, music, theatre, yoga and martial arts, visual arts and design and most importantly- a think tank environment where the creative mind can soar.

Five towers serve as private spaces in the home. They are private sleeping berths which create an intimate spaces for sound sleep. There are plans available to enlarge the private living to about twice the current size.  The kitchen has a commercial oven which serves for a small group as well as a household of 50 guests.   The acoustics in the house can be changed with simple curtain arrangements which allows for solo performances, hula chants or orchestra and rock bands.  There are catwalks at 10 and 20 ft .ramps and loading docks making the house a theatre for the camera with rows of dimmer switches, follow spots, a movable stage and an 18 X 20 foot solid wall for hanging any size art or showing a film production. The interior walls are earth pigment stained light industrial to allow for screw in hooks, cleats and rope guides as needed.

The architecture incorporates the influences of many cultures. The screens are Japanese influence and the bath house is taken from the Nordic traditions. The separate bath house includes a soaking tub and a sauna. Japanese gardening traditions also influenced the landscaping design. The property is terraced to all permaculture techniques to manage the water flow. There is no irrigation needed as the rain is allowed to settle and percolate into the ground instead of running off the land. The trees and vegetation are planted and sculpted in such a way as to guide the eye to the view horizon below.

Situated across a small gulch with trees planted to shield the view from the main house is a cozy, romantic cabin built of cedar tongue and groove. It is a craftsman’s cabin on post and beam with 16 ft ceilings and interior walls of cedar and white pine. The cabin has three levels with and has a metal roof which is perfect for listening to the rain drops fall. The cabin is accessed by a separate driveway.

Dancing Rock is an extraordinary property in a beautiful environment. The location is private, the space is spectacular and is perfect for dance, art, live performances, martial arts or yoga, visual arts and design, but most importantly, a think tank for the creative mind.


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