Things to Know About Buying Oceanfront or Beachfront Property on Maui

Are you thinking about buying a waterfront property on Maui?


On the Sand or on the Rock

Some folks like to be right on the beach but there isn’t privacy since all our beaches are public. If you are looking for a little more privacy, on the rocks might be a better option for you, with the occasional fisherman coming up near your property.

Condo or Home

Personal preference. Condos are easy. Homes require things that need to be taken care
of on your own. But with homes you can create the environment. Privacy, space, etc.

Property Manager Onsite or Offsite

Having a property manager has its benefits because they take care of your home when
you’re not there and manage it and make it easy. An offsite property manager will be
hired by you. They will make sure everything is under control.


Furnished or Unfurnished

Buying a furnished home isn’t that bad and sometimes it has it’s benefits. You can
always change it out later! If its unfurnished we can always set you up with a shipping


What location on the Island?

Every spot on Maui is beautiful. The difference between locations would be wind
patterns, being closer to the water or more on the mountain, etc. It is completely up to
you. Investigate options. What’s important to you?


Shoreline, Setbacks and Remodeling

Today in our community on oceanfront property
there are new setbacks due to global warming, etc. They have been changing over the
last twenty years and becoming more restricted. It is really important to have an agent
that has the understanding of what you can and cannot do in the future for your home.
There are some properties you can’t do very much to.


Picking the Right Realtor

Understanding the nuances and the unique parts of the process
are important. There are a bunch of great agents on Maui but not enough to know and
really understand the dynamics of buying oceanfront property. Make sure if they have
sold oceanfront property before and if they understand what shoreline setbacks and
impacts if you buy a home. Can you rent them or not?


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