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The need in our community is enormous! And it can get overwhelming!  What can we do in this situation? How can we help? You can start small, and do it together.

A week ago, Wailea Realty Agents put into action the phrase “Stronger Together” to help the community in a small but meaningful way. Let me share how:

* There is a problem:  a shortage of P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment), especially the N95 for the healthcare workers. A group of volunteers stepped up and Maui Face Mask Maker was born.

* I saw in their Maui Face Mask Maker Facebook Page that they are in need  of “lunch” for the hardworking volunteers.

* I sent an email out to the agents in our office (Wailea Realty Corp. + Windermere real Estate) and asked if anyone would like to donate money – we can start a hui to be able to buy them lunches.

* Contributions started pouring in quickly from our agents ….

* Another community problem is economics. Many of the local Hawaii restaurants are in danger of losing their business. Central Pacific Bank stepped in and helped in whatever they can. The @keephawaiicooking Instagram page was born and the #KeepHawaiiCooking campaign was launched.

* The #KeepHawaiiCooking project was very simple to do. You buy food from the restaurant listed on their website, you take a photo of the food and the receipt, you tag the business and @keephawaiicooking IG Page, you message them the receipt and 50% of the amount you spent reimbursed.

* We had an idea: Buy lunch from the #keephawaiicooking participating restaurants and we can donate the reimbursed amount to Maui Food Bank because they are low on supplies. Maui Foodbank is also in dire need of donation.


* Because many agents participated* (see list below) in this project, we not only were able to buy the Maui Face Mask Maker Volunteers lunch, and donate 50% of reimbursement to Maui Food Bank, we actually have extra cash that we were able to donate $421.70 to Food Bank!

Roger Pleski, Katy Foxwell, Jack & Katie Nicoletti, Jai Jimenez, Paulina Kim Tran, Nancy Beebe, Tania Harmon, Erica Haleakala, Pictor Campbell, Isela Esquer, Alana Rucynski, Tom Tezak, Rocky Parella, Greg & Jennifer Poppy, Karin Carlson, Dale Richardson, Gigi King, Dean Truesdell, Christian Slocum, Diane Pool, Brad MacArthur, Tyler MacArthur, Jill McGowan, Lydia Pedro, Rosalind Link, Chris Haywood, Leslie MacKenzie-Smith.  And a special Mahalo to Paulina Kim Tran, Nancy Beebe and Diane Pool for picking up and delivering the lunch to the Seabury Hall (the Mask Maker work place) and for taking photos and videos.

* And there’s more! Aside from buying lunch and drinks, we also decided to buy dessert/snack for the volunteers from a Maui Girl Scout. One of our agents informed me that due to the Stay Home proclamation, the girl scouts couldn’t sell their cookies in front of Safeway as they used to, so they have these inventory of cookies they are not sure what to do. We purchased some cookies to support them. However, when they delivered to the Maui Face Mask maker, they also dropped off an extra case of cookies as their donation!

* All these to say that “giving” from the heart, no matter how big or small, matters. And small gifts put together produces a big impact … thus the phrase STRONGER TOGETHER.

This is not the first community project our agents got involved with. There were many in the past like when we supported the Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and when served and the Kihei Youth Center and donated a drinking fountain for the youth, and there will still be many in the future. As I am writing this post I can’t help but feel fortunate to be part of this company, Wailea Realty Corp. +Windermere Maui Real Estate, because the agents here truly have the heart to serve the community of Maui.

More Help Needed for the Maui Filter Face Mask Project:

With the recent news of a cluster of 15 healthcare workers tested positive for COVID19  (recent total is 19 COVID19 positive cases  at the Maui Memorial Hospital as of this writing), the need for an effective mask for the healthcare workers are even greater than before.

About The Maui Face Mask Project:

In response to COVID19 and to address the critical shortage of filter face masks on Maui for our healthcare professionals and frontline staff, our project leaders, Jennifer Oberg and Russell Van Dyken, with input from Maui Physicians, have reverse-engineered an N95 face mask. We have sourced materials and supplies from all over the country, and now our Volunteers are making over 300 Dual-Filter Non-Woven Face Masks daily.

If you would like to donate gloves or other supplies, or to host a lunch for our dedicated Volunteers, please email Kim Abrahamson at

Volunteers are first pre-screened by phone. We follow strict CDC & WHO health protocols and all volunteers wear masks and gloves while they work. All production is in a controlled environment at Seabury Hall under the direction of Jennifer Oberg.
To volunteer, please email our volunteer coordinator Julie MacMillan at

Our face masks are reserved for healthcare professionals and frontline workers. For mask requests, submit your request to Co Team Leader, Kathy Baldwin, at



Mindy The Maker Logo via Pepper Cory Facebook Post

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