Ono Gelato On Maui

Ono Gelato Lahaina

Have you tried Ono Gelato yet?  It is a definite must do.  I was in Lahaina for an event and there was a line extending out to the middle of the road. We waited in the long line, which actually went pretty quick.  Once in the air conditioning, it felt pretty good.  They are always so gracious allowing you to taste any flavor prior to ordering.

What exactly is Gelato? Gelato is denser that ice cream and is made with whole milk, heavy cream and in some flavors, egg yolk.  “Ono Gelato has consistent butterfat content of 8.5% whereas typical American ice cream runs at about 16%.  Gelato is churned at a much slower rate incorporating less air as it freezes (about 25%).  American ice cream is churned at a faster rate doubling its volume with air.”

My favorite flavors are:

Ono Gelato 2Sandy Beach-peanut butter, Hana coconut candy {yum, another must try when you are on Maui}, Graham cracker and Molokai sea salt; Maui Mokka-Maui ground coffee beans and cocoa powder; Gianduia-classic Italian mixture of chocolate and Italian hazelnuts {love this combo}; Coconut-Using coconut milk

Their history dates back 90 years to a small Pasticceria in the Northern city of Torino Italy.  Lucky for us, Stefano Mosi brings to Maui along with Robert Mahler the appreciation of craft and the importance of good ingredients.

At their Lahaina location they also sell locally made products such as Mickey Eskimo hats {a hot trend}, Maui Grown Coffee, Adoboloco {sauces that I have yet to try}, and Jeff jams and jellies.  You can also pick up espresso and a European breakfast.

The Ono Gelato Lahaina location has a back patio where you have the ocean view and what better place to enjoy your ono {meaning delicious}  gelato!

Ono Gelato Lahaina

Ono Gelato …a very appropriate name…


Ono Gelato

Artisan Gelato Made on MauiOno Gelato

815 Front Street

Lahaiana, Maui, Hawaii 96761

8am-10pm Everyday

(808) 495-0203

 Other locations include Paia and Kihei.

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