Living on Maui or Dreaming of Living on Maui – What Lifestyle Do You Have or Prefer To Have?

Maui Ocean and Pink Hibiscus – Photo by @Michael McGill


Maui continues to be one of the most desirable places to live. Living on Maui brings happiness and health benefits not found in other places.

Whether you are already living on Maui, thinking of moving to Maui, or planning to move to Maui, let us explore some of the lifestyles typically found here. Please keep in mind that it is not our intent to “pigeon-hole” or put you in a “box” when we talk about specific lifestyles. Actually, a typical Maui Lifestyle will be a combination of these, with one lifestyle being more prominent than others, depending on your stage in life. With that said, let us explore some of popular Maui Lifestyles:

1. Family Oriented Lifestyle – Maui is arguably one of the best places to raise kids and family. With nature all around, kids playgrounds are the oceans and mountains near them. The Hawaiian culture is family oriented. Respect for Kupuna is important. “Ohana” is of utmost importance. In my observation, kids in Hawaii are very accepting of diversity. One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Wailea Realty from families thinking of moving to Maui is the “education system”. There are many options to choose from – homeschooling, to public schools and private schools. I think that’s a good post for me to write in the future, but for now, I would like to say that obtaining a good education for your children is not a problem here on Maui. We have some of the best schools and teachers on the nation. I like what the BucketList Family said in the video below when they talked about what they decided to buy a house in Hawaii.  For them it is about living in a community where there is a mindset of  “spending life outside, being with nature is a good thing” and they want their children to acquire that mindset.


2. Golf Lovers Lifestyle – Maui County has more than twenty golf courses, several of which are world-renowned for their challenge and beauty.  No wonder Maui is a top choice for those who desire to live a lifestyle accentuated with their passion for golf.  Currently, we have some listings at Mahana Estates in Kapalua. If you love golf as well as ocean views, this might be the place for you:  Mahana Estates. And check out this gorgeous home at the Plantation Estates. The views are stunning and yes you will be close to the world-class golf courses in Kapalua.

3. Water Sports Enthusiasts – Surfing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Stand Up Paddling, Canoe Paddling and more. – Many of the world champions in the field of water sports live on Maui. However, this is not exclusive to champions. Part of the many locals and Kamaaina (resident) lifestyle is water sports. There are those who work at night so they can surf in the morning. Those who love water sports tend to live closer to the ocean, therefore many reside on the North Shore part of Maui.

Photo by Ellen Moshein Federoff via Alana Rucynski FB


4. Retirement on Maui – Enjoy Life and take It Easy Lifestyle – There are many grandparents who moved to Maui to be closer to their grandkids. This is very common on Maui. And for some, instead of moving here, they opted to become what we call “snowbirds”. Snowbirds are the people who own a condo or home on Maui and stay here for part of the year (usually during winter, this the term snowbirds) and they go back to the mainland on other parts of the year.

5. Celebrity Retreats (Luxury Lifestyle with Simple Living Flair) – with a laid-back island lifestyle, everyone has a chance to unwind, decompress and enjoy life in Hawaii. There are a handful of celebrities who chose to reside on Maui probably for those reasons. Some of the Maui’s celebrity residents are Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood, Steven Tyler, Owen Wilson, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, Don Nelson, and Mick Fleetwood.

Photo by Tom Tezak – Lifestyle Maui Real Estate Team


6. Upcountry Living – Not all who live on Maui desire to be near the ocean. Some love the mountain and enjoys the many benefits of living upcountry. To start with, they have a cooler temperature – cooler weather compared to any other towns on Maui. They are surrounded by lush greeneries. The houses are far apart from each other (bigger acreage than South and West Maui). You can grow a farm, orchard or raise animals such as horses, goats and many more.

Whatever Lifestyle you want to live, Maui can be the place for you. (unless your passion is to ski on snow, then we recommend you buy a second home here on Maui for vacation but live somewhere where there is snow or you buy a home on Maui and buy a second home where there is snow 🙂 )

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