If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

I ponder this question as I ask it.  Go big!….US-wide, I might consider the Big Easy, New Orleans, the Big Apple, New York, or Big Sur…..so many big places vying for my vote….

And yet, in truth, I suffer a perpetual craving for sunshine… at the close of even a Maui day I feel that yearning as the sun dips into the ocean that I am left feeling temporarily bereft of my love, the hours of night time a taunting almost, my insatiable want for more sunshine!

Photo Credit: Michael McGill

SO… with sunshine in mind, my thoughts travel from Madeira to Durban, Cannes to Honolulu, Key West to Sydney, and I measure that curiosity next to my satisfaction living in Maui.  Where dreams of other places are temporary, I still pinch myself to find that I’ve made Maui my home, and the sunrise of another day from season to season is as close to paradise as I may find on this earth.

I am currently sitting in my Maui office gazing out on to a rare downpour of welcome rain and thinking inevitably of London when I lived there.  I love England, it is my birthplace however I admit to too much time spent drinking copious amounts of tea, and writing poetry having retreated indoors, all too often, by plans defeated by the weather.  It was in moving to Maui that I realized my “outdoor” self and enjoyed what proved to be the ultimate career in exploration of the island as a Concierge.  I discovered my adventurous side by experiencing helicopter tours and parasailing, hiking and snorkeling far from my seat at my kitchen table cradling a cup o’ tea in thick reverie of sunnier climes!

Photo Credit: Dominick Marino Photography

It is the age of blogging that has me writing again….and for which I am grateful especially when it rains and I find myself “in vacant or in pensive mood,” to quote from the lyric poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud” by William Wordsworth and am once again picking up a pen (or more aptly tapping on the computer keyboard).  Yet now rainy days are the exception not the rule, like a welcome guest, the rain is counted as a blessing here, and you will even find me walking in the rain (dog must be walked!) undeterred!

I am of course sensitive to the uncommon stretch of days when it rains in Maui during what may fall for some as their much anticipated weeks’ vacation – let’s admit, a week of rain on any vacation is not what one would hope for – so coming to Maui and having 3 or 4 days of rain may be a tad disappointing.  However, there is plenty to do, Maui offers more activities than any island in the world, so Keep Calm and Carry On!

I went zip lining with my family this past summer in the rain….and we saw both rain and rainbows!  Not be missed, by the way, the zipline adventure at Piiholo!  What a spectacular setting and the crew is top notch….

So where would you see yourself in the decade ahead?  Rain and rainbows both, Maui is a pretty compelling destination address!

Photo Credit: Heather Walters via Maui Ocean Center Facebook Page. Visiting the Maui Ocean Center is a great thing to do on Maui, especially when it’s raining and you are looking for a beach alternative.

Maui Ocean Center



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