Hurricane Lane Update on Hawaii – Websites to Check On

Illustration via National Weather Service - NOAA

By now you all have already heard about Hurricane Lane heading to Hawaii and a Hurricane Watch was issued to Hawaii and Maui.   The line at Costco Gas Station is super long and so is the Grocery check out.  Actually, it is not just at Costco – other gas stations and grocery stores such as Safeway, Foodland and Times have long lines too.  Although we do not want to resort into panic buying, it is wise to heed Hurricane Preparedness tips of making sure we have gas in our cars and water and food in our homes as the hurricane hits.

With the current availability of information and updates on the internet, sometimes it gets overwhelming.  I thought I’d make it easier for you to get the information by curating the links to websites where you can get a more reliable weather news about Hurricane Lane:

  1. National  Weather Channel NOAA

The National Weather Service Issued a Tropical Cyclone Statement this morning saying:

“Hurricane Lane is passing to the south-southeast of the Big Island this morning and is expected to make a turn toward the islands Wednesday into Thursday

“The onset of damaging tropical storm force winds on the Big Island could be as early as Wednesday, with dangerous hurricane force winds possible by Wednesday night. On Maui county, damaging tropical storm force winds could begin as early as Wednesday night, with dangerous hurricane force winds possible starting on Thursday. Hurricane Watches may be needed for other areas as Lane draws closer. 

“Bands of intense showers and thunderstorms surrounding Lane will begin to overspread the state from south to north, reaching the Big Island late tonight or Wednesday morning. Excessive rainfall is possible which could lead to major flash flooding, landslides and mudslides. Flooding can occur even in areas not usually prone to flooding. Storm total rainfall amounts greater than 20 inches are possible.”

We have added a widget below where the information will automatically update as NOAA updates their site:

2. Weather Channel

We added the latest update on their website but do visit their page to watch the video.  Ari Sarsalari does a great job of explaining the update in a way we can understand:

Screen shot from the video in the Weather Channel
  • Hurricane watches have been issued for Maui and Hawaii Counties.
  • Lane is bordering on Category 5 intensity hundreds of miles southeast of Hawaii.
  • Lane will curl northwestward later this week toward Hawaii, eventually weakening.
  • A direct strike on parts of the Hawaiian Islands is possible late this week.
  • The island chain will see high surf, rip currents, winds and heavy rain, regardless of the exact track.
  • Whether the core of Lane’s strongest winds affects parts of the islands remains uncertain.

3. Hurricane Tracker Page 

As you can see in the screenshot below,  when you go to you will also find links to Hurricane Preparedness Info, tips and checklists.  In addition to the information in their website, their resident meteorologist Malika Dudley gives an update on their Facebook Page.

Recommended Emergency Checklist: (courtesy Maui Electric)

  • 14-day supply of non-perishable foods (with little to no cooking required)
  • Water (a minimum of 1-gallon per person per day for drinking and additional uses)
  • Flashlights or lanterns (battery, hand crank or solar powered)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Pet food and extra water for your pet
  • Portable radio (battery, hand crank or solar powered)
  • Extra batteries
  • Manual can and bottle opener
  • Butane/propane stove or charcoal grill with fuel
  • Ice chest and ice or frozen ice packs
  • Matches and/or lighter
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Cash or travelers’ checks
  • Personal hygiene, sanitary supplies and diapers
  • First aid kit and medicines
  • Special needs supplies (eyeglasses, hearing aid, medical bracelet, etc)

*Maui Electric has also compiled an Emergency Preparedness Handbook which is available HERE.

Photo credit (via Instagram):  Nancy Beebe  /  Alfredo Evangelista

As I mentioned earlier, there is much information and update on the internet about Hurricane Lane.  Our intention in curating the links on “reliable websites to go to” is for us to avoid being overwhelmed with so much news.  I hope this post gave you valuable information. Feel free to share this post with your family and friends.   Much Aloha.

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