Choosing A REALTOR on Maui, Hawaii

What qualities should you look for in a REALTOR?

I always stand by the age-old logic that you can only sell what you believe in.  If you sell cars, I would trust you have your drivers license and have a car.  If you have a family, and you sell life insurance, you see where this is going….

If you have passion for what you do, it converts to an energy and authenticity that is infectious.  Find a licensed local REALTOR who has a basic core belief in homeownership, understands its tangible and emotional benefits and ideally owns their own real estate.  Their ability to source information, negotiate for and to team with reputable leaders in the community becomes invaluable when you are going through a purchase or sale of property.

In an online world we may be tempted to go it alone in our search and process of buying and selling.  There is no question about it, you can Google anything!  My stance is that real estate is a significant investment and finding someone to help navigate the details with the local data required and insider knowledge involved in the successful legal transfer of property will not only make it simpler, but will pass the burden of the process to the expert in the field.

I recently called a meeting with my financial advisor, I’d just finished reading Tony Robbin’s book, Unshakeable, and with every question I had, I had dog-eared the page, the book quadrupled from its original size straining with my questions!  Rather than shake up the established financial plan I’d been working on with my financial planner since 2005 out of a knee-jerk reaction to Tony’s practical guidance, I sat down with my personal guide to help me best navigate my next steps.  This provided me with a balance and further information for me to make better informed decisions.  It behooved me to read and increase my awareness about my investments but the real reward came with applying this knowledge to the conversation with the expert to arrive at a really personalized forward plan.

That is how I would suggest you approach the prospect of buying or selling real estate.  By all means search for properties, research the market, but when it comes down to committing to a sale or purchase, I strongly encourage you have a conversation with a local REALTOR who has insider knowledge and tools to transact property sales with contract expertise and company backing to review what becomes a legally binding obligation.

A REALTOR can detach from the emotional missteps and negotiate for your best position and interests when it comes to contract contingencies and pricing.

My friend Chris Valentino (Real Estate Agent in Seattle) and I, during the Economic Summit held at Andaz in Wailea, Maui.

By connecting with a professional in the field you immediately expand upon your sphere of specialists and advisors who become your partners in the transaction.  Choosing the right REALTOR ensures you are put in touch with a qualified and reputable professional network to include attorneys, lenders, escrow and title companies, inspectors, appraisers, etc. that are all integral to bringing about the transfer of property.

Interview agents to see who you feel comfortable working with.  The journey can become very personal and trust is integral.  In the nation today we have 1.4million real estate agents!  I always liken this to Hollywood, where everyone is an actor but has another job too!  In Maui, we have 1700 REALTORS.  Filter your search to identify a full time REALTOR, you will benefit from their commitment to their passion.


Ocean View from the lanai go  Makena Surf B202

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