Coffee Shops & Breakfast Treats on Maui




Akamai Coffee

This cute little coffee shop is located off of S. Kihei road across from Times Supermarket. They have another location in Kahului off of Kuihelani Highway. This place offers a variety of different coffee brews, flavors and substitutes. They also have a selection of breakfast options from croissant sandwiches and to pastries.


Wailuku Coffee Co

This gem in the heart of Wailuku town off of N. Market st offers an array of different drink options. From coffee, tea, smoothies and more. One thing Wailuku Coffee Company is known for is how good their breakfast food is. It’s their little secret, but many people love the salads, and the lox bagel.


Sip Me Coffee

This chain has 3 locations on Maui; Kahului, Paia and Makawao. They have a huge menu of different drinks, as well as some sweet breakfast items. Their lattes, and hot chocolates are always on point. Their space is very relaxing and a great place to enjoy your early morning treats.


Kaimana Coffee

Kaimana Coffee isn’t your typical coffee shop, but a coffee truck. They are parked below the Maui Brewing Company Monday-Friday and attend the Kahului swap meets on weekends. All the food they offer is simple and made fresh to order. Not only are they known for their fresh food options, but their coffee and different brews are a great way to start the day.


Kraken Coffee

This is another coffee shop on wheels, parked in the food truck lot behind Azeka shopping mall. Kraken Coffee is not only known for their coffee, but they have great smoothies as well, particularly the lava flow. They also make coffee ice to put in their iced coffee, so that the coffee doesn’t get watered down.


Donut Dynamite

This coffee and donut shop offers some of the best donuts around Maui, located in Wailuku off of Lower Main st. All their donuts are made fresh every morning before opening, and sell out fast! They also serve quality coffee options to compliment their famous donuts.


Cinnamon Roll Place

The Cinnamon Roll Place provides some of the best cinnamon rolls on Maui. Made fresh every morning, they sell on average 400 cinnamon rolls a day. Their biggest sell day is Christmas, and they sold 980 last year. They open at 5:30 every morning, and ready to serve some hot breakfast goodness!


Sugar Beach Bake Shop

This bake shop is located in North Kihei right across the street from Sugar Beach. They are best known for their fresh malasadas, stuffed or unstuffed. Their mini pies and cakes are very hot sellers, and they also have some food items to purchase as well. Aside from the treats, they also serve coffee daily to compliment their sweets.


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