Breathing In The Moment

Driving along Maui’s newly named Maui Veterans Highway, or Route 311, which runs a distance of approximately 7 miles south through the isthmus of Maui from Kahului to Kihei, I glanced down at my odometer to read my mileage clock at 21210 which coincidentally is my broker license number!  I happened to be pulling up to a red light on my approach to Kihei so quickly snapped a shot with my iphone to document the once-only occasion for my car.

And yes, a clement 85F for those of you already feeling the arctic chills of winter, this is a November day mid-morning temperature, but I digress.  It is one of those little serendipitous moments that merits acknowledgement.  Magic moments.  Nothing monumental in the vast scheme of things but a “clocking” and delightful awareness signaled.  I think this sort of thing happens quite a bit.

I play Scrabble with my mother and as I am preparing to place my letters on the board, the word I have in mind is recited seemingly by chance or coincidence by the newscaster or entertainer on the television airing in the background.  It has become all too common as we play regularly and marvel at its frequency, both as a vibratory phenomena as well as the fact of happening often.  Which leads me to this quote by Roy M Goodman, “Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.”  Our journey is made up of wonder, we just need to stop and smell the roses, or more aptly from my Maui vantage point, the plumeria, so to speak, the message being to take that pause ….to breathe in an aloha moment.  I’ve written about this before, aloha moments where the deeper meaning of aloha means “breathing in the moment.

Broken down, “alo” is the face or front we share, “ha” is breath.  It is actually a perfect word to ascribe this capturing awareness.

I was reminded of this thought when I was taking a walk at sunset towards the ocean.  Instead of looking down at the pavement for the next steady sturdy step, I would have missed what was a most remarkable sunset unfolding in the distant sky.  “The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step” paraphrasing here the words of ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, I would add a British phrase to my point, “and keep your chin up!”  Have you ever tried serving a tray of full to the brim martinis without spilling a drop?  The secret is to look forward, not to the glasses.  Heightened focus is called for.

So it is with making plans and setting goals, and searching for happiness, it is often in the finer details, the happenings, that happiness truly is found.  Breathe in the moment.



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