Touching Ancient Hawaiian Groundbreaking Blessing For Keala o Wailea

SONY DSCIt was a beautiful morning for a groundbreaking blessing at Keala o Wailea. The event started with Bob Armstrong, President of Armstrong Development,  thanking everyone for their support. He shared the story on how the project started and what the vision for the project is. He then called several men with key roles to the Keala o Wailea project to join him in the front line for the blessing ceremony: James Keller of Armstrong Builders LLC, Pete Sullivan of P.B. Sullivan Construction Inc.; Tom Tezak and Brad MacArthur of Wailea Realty Corp.; County of Maui Managing Director Keith Regan; Daniel Sandomire of Armstrong Development; and Lance Parker of A&B Properties, Inc.

The blessing commenced with Kumu Kimokeo Kapahulehua giving an oli. He also enlightened us on the significance of ancient Hawaiian blessing. The land (aina) of Hawaii is considered sacred by its people, and it is tradition to perform a blessing before any construction begins. It is respectful to do so. Blessing clears negative energy from the site and brings goodness, success and growth. After the oli, Kumu Kimokeo blew the conch shell in each direction: north, south, east and west.

SONY DSCBob Armstrong presented each men with a Maile Lei and they greeted each other by sharing “Ha“. Hawaiians often greeted each other by sharing ha, or their breath. This exchange of breath is done when two people press together the bridge of their noses while inhaling at the same time. It’s a Hawaiian greeting that welcomes the other person into their space by sharing the breath of life, which was sacred to the culture. Ancient Hawaiians recognized that their breath was the key to good health and believed it possessed mana (spiritual power).

Ha during the blessing - 1In old Hawai`i, farmers used the `o`o stick to turn over soil and shrubs. The 4 to 5 ft. long pole was made of hard wood including kauila, `ulei, alahe`e, or uhiuhi with a diameter comfortable enough for holding in the hand. It had a flat point or flat blade at one end which was effective in digging shallow or deep holes and trenches and breaking layers of earth in preparation for planting. During the blessing ceremony, each leaders were handed an o’o stick and  Kumu Kimokeo instructed them how to strike the mound of earth and turn the soil for the official groundbreaking.




While taking photos during the blessing I was thinking “I wish we have someone videotaping this“.  I am glad to share that my wish was granted! Mahalo to Mitch Tempo, R(S) for recording the blessing, making it available to us via YouTube.  Incidentally, Mitch Tempo is one of the Real Estate Agents representing  one of the Buyers currently in contract with Keala o Wailea.  Mahalo Mitch!

Mahalo Kumu Kimokeo Kapahulehua for a wonderful groundbreaking blessing!

It’s an exciting time for everyone!   Maui News did  a wonderful coverage of Keala o Wailea groundbreaking blessing – make sure you read that too.   (Click here for the .jpeg copy of Maui News Article)

If you are not familiar with  Keala o Wailea project and wants to know more about it, please visit its interactive website at  You may also register for Keala o Wailea on that website.

SONY DSCAgain, a “Big Mahalo” to all who came to the blessing, and to all the people who supported the Keala o Wailea project.  It was great to meet in person some of the buyers who came during the blessing, like Lynne and Mike in the photo below:

SONY DSCWailea Realty Corp. is honored to be the official Sales Team for this wonderful project. Here are some of the Sales Brokers and Agents who were able top attend this special event:

SONY DSCAnd now that the groundbreaking blessing is done – let the site construction begin!


Aside from Keala o Wailea website, details can also be found via MLS listings.  Here are the links to some of the MLS listings for your reference:

Unit 75 – MLS 366111

Unit 30 –  MLS 366801

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