Aloha Friday After Tropical Storm Olivia

Photo by @SaltyKineDesigns


Happy Aloha Friday! I thought of writing a Tropical Storm Olivia recap similar to how I wrote the Hurricane Lane recap, but it didn’t happen.   This post ended up a little bit different. In my observation, the way Maui residents and visitors prepared and handled Tropical Storm Olivia was different from Hurricane Lane. We seemed calmer, less worried and more prepared. And that is a good thing.  Maybe it was because of the rainbows that appeared all over Maui the day before Olivia arrived 🙂

Tropical Storm Olivia Rainbow. Photo by @TheOhanaMama


On the day Tropical Storm Olivia was supposed to land on Maui, I went to Ulua Beach in front of our listing at Wailea Elua, and took a video to share with you how the weather in Wailea looks like in the midst of Tropical Storm Olivia. And here is what it looked like. Most of the day was like this on South Maui:

Unfortunately, some areas on Maui were pounded with rain.  Tropical Storm Olivia landed on West Maui Mountains and there were  flooding in the area:

More information on the damage caused by Tropical Storm Olivia is on The Maui News.

Hurricane Season is not over yet. We may or may not have another hurricane or storm. As we always say … “Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.“.

Maui Sunset on Tropical Storm Olivia Day at Polo Beach. Photo by Maggie Watke Bannowsky


While browsing at Facebook’s postings of my friends during the Tropical Storm Olivia, I saw this beautiful Maui Sunset photo taken that night.  What a serene view that would be from the lanai of our listing at Polo Beach Club.

Since this is an Aloha Friday post, I thought it is fitting to share this beautiful song and hula about rainbow in Hawaii.


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We are thankful there are safe and there is only minimal damage brought by Tropical Olivia.  Now prayers go out to all who are affected by Hurricane Florence happening in North Carolina right now.  Pray for everyone’s safety.  Aloha.

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