Sunflower Adventure on Maui

Sunflowers Maui

I keep hearing about the field of sunflowers. I see pictures of the sunflowers on Maui and I know they exist but where are they? I looked for them the other day on my way to Maalaea but somehow missed the field of yellow flowers blowing in the trade winds. This morning I am walking with my friends on Thompson Road and one of them says, Let’s go to the sunflower field today.” I am in and we decide on a time to meet and head on down to the sunflower field. The field proves hard to miss with all the cars stopped along the highway! We pull over and find ourselves in the midst of Maui’s new featured spot.

Adventures with Sunflowers

We get out of the car and step into the fields just off the highway. The flowers are full and so pretty! The yellow crowns are waving in the gentle breeze. Looking down the rows of yellow flowers with their green stalks is so beautiful especially set with the West Maui Mountains in the background. The sky is a perfect blue with a few powdery clouds floating by.  I didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be to just walk into the field of flowers to take a picture! There is so much joy in the little things in life.

My eye moves through the flowers to see the people walking through the fields. There is a couple with a parasol a few rows ahead of me. There are families with children posing for photos. There are couples and groups of friends all enjoying time in the sun with the Sunflowers. All the faces have smiles on them. How enchanting it is to be in this sea of yellow and green with all the wonderful smiles. I have found another ”Feel Good” place on Maui!

Sunflower on MauiWhere did these sunflowers come from? Pacific Biodiesel planted 15 acres of land near Maalaea as a replacement crop for the sugar cane. The entire sunflower plant will be harvested and used to create biofuel. If the experimental acres prove to be productive there may be many more acres of sunflowers planted in the central valley of Maui. What a wonderful replacement crop for the sugar cane! We miss the waving tassels of cane especially when we fly over the island. To have these yellow topped green stalks as a replacement would be lovely indeed. Fingers crossed that this replacement crop is here to stay! Our island home can only grow better with new agriculture to keep the open spaces open and our central valley green!

Instagram is filled with beautiful photos of Maui Sunflower Field. Use #mauisunflowers hashtag to find many of them, like this:

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